I was driving toward Sycamore Canyon on the east side of the city, when seemingly of its own volition, my car turned left toward the downtown area.

These photos were taken in the 16:9 aspect ratio rather than the “standard” 4:3 frame. 4:3 is the aspect ratio of the G1’s “half frame” sensor, and one of the two most commonly used aspect ratios in still photography. The other common ratio is 3:2.

To get a 16:9 frame on the G1, the top and bottom edges of the sensor are excluded from the image, turning the 12MP images into 9MP.

That is quite a loss of pixels, but since the overwhelming majority of my photos have to be reduced in sized for the Web, I’m not sure it matters much.

The EVF displays the full 4:3 when it is being used, and “crops” the image with black to show the other ratios (3:2 and 16:9) correctly.

The horizontals look cinematic to me. This setting could be useful at times for landscapes. This frame had to be cropped slightly (don’t ask), but still retained the wide look.