G1 Test Frames

These photos were made during the last 24 hours as I found my way around the Lumix DMC-G1. Looking at the photos at 100%, I’m pleased with the images. From my viewpoint they compare favorably with those from my APS-C Nikon.

This frame is from Mill Creek, near Forest Falls, California. I shot with no polarizing filter, a naked lens. Since the G1 seems to overexpose a bit, I set the exposure compensation to -1/3 stop.

Night Shooting

This frame was exposed last night. I used the Manfroto 785B tripod, which seems a good match for the G1. When I mount the D200 on it and lock it down, the ball mount is still always on the edge of falling due to the camera’s weight. The moon and streetlamps are blown out as expected.

I didn’t have any major (or minor) problem using the rear display screen to frame and shoot. It just seemed like a reasonable way to use the camera, and at the same time it underlines the flexibility of use that the G1 provides.

The Flower Test

This Zinnia seemed a good subject for testing the macro capabilities of the 14-45mm kit lens. Here is a 100% crop. This crop does nothing to dampen my enthusiasm for the G1.