Cajon Junction

Cajon Junction is the place where Interstate 15 and Route 138 intersect in the Cajon Pass. The Cajon Pass is the low spot between the roughly east-west San Bernardino  and Angeles mountain ranges.

At the mouth of the pass in the south lies the city of San Bernardino. In the north is the city of Hesperia on the plateau that fans out to the north toward Las Vegas.

On a group ride in July, 2011, we rode up from San Bernardino then took the off ramp for Route 138 and turned west toward Wrightwood. Shortly after riding up the railroad overpass, I spotted a metaled road beside 138 and close to the tracks.

We made u-turns and followed the asphalt until it turned to dirt, then parked on the dirt road beside the railroad tracks.

These photos were made with the Lumix FX01 because I was too lazy to bring the DSLR. The map of Cajon Junction is Copyright by DeLorme. For more information on Delorme, see