Another Night

This photo was captured during a July sundown in 2011. The view in the photo is to the west in a part of the city where the buildings are largely industrial and commercial.

I was out for a short ride near the city’s airport and saw this color palette. The Lumix FX01 was in the right saddlebag and the Manfroto tripod in the left. The Manfroto is a 785B. It can be set up quickly with a minimum of fuss. It fits easily in the left saddlebag, and I tend to leave it there for long periods.

The weather in this part of Southern California has been unusually cool this summer, much like last year. The morning marine layers, clouds off the Pacific Ocean, have helped keep the late afternoon temperatures down. By cool, I mean we’ve had very few days with a peak temperature over 100 Fahrenheit. After living for forty years on the rim of the Mojave Desert, it is something of a relief.

Any reading under 100 is good. That day cooked up to 99 F, which was ten degrees lower than could be reasonably expected in July. As the sky darkened, the air cooled down to the low 80s. I jumped on the Road Star to take advantage of the cool, and rode west on Jurupa Avenue through alternate streams of slightly warmer and cooler air. It was the right time, the right night, for an after dinner, twenty-minute, short-sleeve t-shirt ride. And there have been plenty of those nights this summer.