Desert Landscapes

The landscape photos in this post were made on a group motorcycle ride through Joshua Tree National Park on May 14, 2011.

The weather for the ride was better than we could reasonably expect. The temperatures ranged from the mid-seventies to the high eighties as we rode through successive micro-climates.

Previous rides through the park during the past six years had usually been under smudgy, overcast or hazzy/smoggy skies.

This photo is a view east from a popular pullout for rock climbers. The pullout has a large parking lot and toilets.

The photo below was captured at Keys View and is a view west.

In the distance on the left is Mt. San Jacinto, San Gorgonio Pass is in the center, and Mt. San Gorgonio is on the right.

The photo below was made quickly.

I saw the light splashes of rock on the ridge in the middle distance and liked the contrast, so I eased off the throttle, and signaled to Dan Underwood that I was going to stop for a photo, then catch up.

I was off the bike for a total of two minutes at most. That included the time it took to open the saddlebag and extract the camera from the small backpack that I keep zipped in the desert. The small backpack is always zipped against the dust and sand.

My theory is that since the bikes’ carburator seems to need to be cleaned each year, the dust can’t do the camera a lot of good, either.