The Very Last Shoot (Really)

Well, I lied. I thought that this morning’s shoot at Anza Narrows was the only one I’d get today, the last day of 2010. The mercury climbed up into the low fifties by midday. With just a bit of cloud cover across the blue dome, the sky was cooperating with the clear horizons.

I rode out to Hidden Valley Wildlife Refuge, and climbed a hill, shown above, near the entrance to get these views. The trail grew progressively chewed up by horse hooves. It looked like two horses had gone up the trail two days ago when the ground was still soggy from the recent rainstorms.

The photo above was taken on the shoulder of the hill where the trail leveled out. The background peak is Mt. Baldy in the Angelus Mountains.

The photo above was taken on the crest of the hill. Again, all of the photos in this post were made with a 28mm, f/2.8 manual lens (42mm = 35mm equivalent).

The vertical frame above is a view to the east. The peak of Mt. San Jacinto is visible in the background.