Out West

Recently, Steve Vaughn commented about living “out west”. I know what he meant (it doesn’t hurt that I met Steve when I was 4 years old and entering the public school system). He and his wife Darryl moved to Richland, WA from the East Coast last year. He is an avid fly fisherman, and in a good location to explore the many rivers in Washington and Oregon. While he is here, working in Richland, and living out west there is so much to see. I like to keep track of the Vaughn’s near-epic move to Washington and how they are settling in, etc., on Steve’s blog, Nomads

“Out West” is the way I thought of it when I was young, since I lived in the northeast. It was towns like Durango, Cortez, Cheyenne, Sundance, Tucson, and Santa Fe. It was Conestoga wagons and Apaches, Winchester rifles and Lakotas, cattle drives and Dodge City, gold rushes and railroad booms.

 My vision of the world is centered in the West, now. “Back East” is where I grew up. I first realized that when I rode my Road Star to Long Island and back in 2006. On the ride home when I crossed over the border between Kansas and Colorado, I suddenly thought, “I’m home, I’m back in the West”.

Though I’ve been here since 1971, I have an idea similar to Steve’s about being here in the West: There simply isn’t enough time to see everything…  

This photo was captured on a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01 in August 2006. The view is east from Ghost Rocks in Utah, just off Interstate 70. There is no mistaking this for anything other than a view of the West.