Grand Teton – Yellowstone on Film

I shot eight rolls of film on the Grand Teton-Yellowstone road trip. It was largely a matter of the way it feels to shoot analog. Good, that is. The N90s feels good in my hands, and looks right through the 28mm lens. It is particularly well balanced when the stock battery cartridge is used with the relatively lightweight fixed focal legnth lens.

Seven days of shooting film was a relief of sorts, since I wasn’t putting any particular pressure on the photos. It was experimental. A way of spending time with the camera. I have to say that after a few hundred frames, I like the film camera as well as the digital.

The big surprise was getting the film developed. I shot Fuji Superia 400 print film, then took it to Costco for development, prints and digital files. The online reviews of Costco are generally good when development and printing are analyzed. I was very happy with the quality of negatives and prints. The digital files are poor from the Costco I used (the large amount of heavy grain in the digital example shown below does not exist in the neg or print). But with the masters (negatives) and prints in good shape, it doesn’t matter much to me.