The May 2010 Post

Sorry. I guess this is it for this month. I’ve been preoccupied with various things gone sideways and Lisa and I are gearing up for a road trip to Yellowstone Nat. Park during the last week of the month (and I’m counting).

The photo below is a digital scan of a black and white print made last week at a wedding for friends Julie and Brandon. I picked up two rolls of Kodak Pro BW400CN before the wedding after reading reviews online, but mostly because I found it at a local pharmacy. It was that film or the El Cheapo variation.

I heard that they had a wedding photographer, so I assumed he or she would be shooting posed traditional color photos. I thought that the black and white would be something different, and I’d shoot candids.

The BW400CN develops in C-41 chemicals, which are for developing color film negatives. After developing one roll after the wedding I had a dozen frames left on the second roll, and waited three days to shoot the end of the roll. The Nikon N90s got 25 frames from each 24-frame roll.

I don’t like this film much. It tends to underexpose by about 1/3 Stop for my taste. There’s something off about the look of the prints, too. I expected more pronounced grades of mid tones. It was probably an operator problem, of course...