Anza Narrows Bridge

On a previous visit to Anza Narrows, I walked down to the railroad bridge and shot a few frames of film. I only had a film camera with me at the time, but I made a note to go back with the digital and shoot for this blog.

These photos were shot with a Nikon 28mm f/2.8 E series manual focus lens on my digital camera. The 1.5 crop factor makes it equivalent to a 42mm lens on a 35mm camera. This is the second E series 28mm lens, the improved version first manufactured in 1981.

I bought the 28mm for use with the film camera, but have been using it as much on the digital. It helps make up an easy-to-deal-with hiking kit; a camera body, a small, lightweight lens, a couple of filters, and a lens cloth.

Off the bike trail, the base of every supporting column on the bridge is wrapped in street art of various quality. The columns near the bike trail have been repainted with vaguely matching paint to cover the grafitti, as shown in the photo above.

To see more of the bridge art at Anza Narrows, see the post titled Bridge Art