In the San Jacinto Mountains there is a stretch of Route 74 that passes through Garner Valley. On the motorcycle, it is my favorite road. There are times when I want to get out and blow the dust off, but I don’t want to spend all day in the saddle. On those days I’ll frequently head for that stretch of highway, also part of the Historic Palms-to-Pines Highway. It simply feels good to ride it. I’m very much at home there, and I frequently wish that it was two or three hundred miles long, rather than a few miles. I usually putt through at 45 to 50 mph, pulling over for anyone traveling faster. I figure that at a slower speed, the ride will last a bit longer.

In addition to Lake Hemet, Tahquitz Peak, the large western meadow, and the stands of tall pines, one great attraction to me is the horse ranches.

The ranches seem to have been there forever. Though not because they are weathered or run down. They are of a piece with the land. They simply fit.

I don’t know or profess to know much about horses. I rode a few times when I was a kid, but not long enough to develop much skill.

But I like looking at horses. Even in paintings, where I typically don’t care for animals. And it is easy to see what a horse is for. It only takes a single glance…