A Quick Scout

Winter. Here in Southern California that means that if it isn’t storming, it is probably a good day to jump on the motorcycle and ride. Today, February 28, was one of those good days. There was no water falling from the heavens and heavy objects were not flying by sideways-like in the Santa Anna winds.

In the morning I stood in my front yard for a few minutes, looking at the blue dome of sky and the soft rim of cumulus in the horizons, before starting the bike and packing the saddlebags while the engine warmed up.

Given the large amount of rain we’ve had this winter, it seems likely that there will be a bumper crop of wildflowers through the spring. I decided to get out of the city, and into the nearby fields and hills where the blooming will take place, and scout out how the early flowers are doing. It would give me an idea of when to take weekend rides with at least one camera in the saddlebags.