In daylight, Las Vegas is much like other southwestern desert cities with casinos. Except that it’s Vegas, of course, and therefore a mythical place in the human psyche, and on the map.
It was a map we lacked when we drove up from California on the weekend of both Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. Dead reckoning would have worked out well, but the Strip was snarled. Sometimes I got the car up to 4 or 5 miles an hour for a couple seconds. It took us 55 minutes to drive from I-15 to Harrah’s parking structure. But it was still better than flying into the airport.

A view of Harrah’s from the 3rd floor of the parking structure.

I held the camera (with both hands) out the window of our room for this frame.

Lisa waits yet again for the guy with the camera.

A gondolier conveys a couple around the canal at the Venetian. Top speed seemed to be about 1/16th of a knot.

 The canal at the Venetian at night.

Chinese New Year decorations at the Palazzo.

Looking up

A red dragon. Red being a good luck color, decorations don’t get much more appropriate than this for Chinese New Year.

Although the Strip is interesting enough in daylight, it really comes visually alive after sundown. Above: Columns and arches of the Venetian.

A footbridge at the Venetian rising toward Madame Toussant’s.

Exterior of the Palazzo.

Handholding the camera out the window never got less nerve-wracking.