Two Tripods, Continued

Day 136. The Werner Publishing SNAFU continues.

Since “Becky Owens, Marketing Coordinator” was unresponsive to my inquiry about the tripod I had allegedly won 119 days previously, I wrote an email to the Editors at Werner Publishing on 12-17-2009. The email is shown below.

Though my contact information consisting of my two telephone numbers and email address does not appear on the email graphic here, they were included in the email. As of this writing, it has been 17 days since I sent the message to the Editors. I have received no response from the editors (a response from one would have been enough). So the employees of Werner that I have so far contacted regarding this matter are consistent. From my viewpoint, unresponsiveness appears to be a corporate policy.

I have a new tagline and subtext for Werner Publishing:

The Customer King is dead. You are all peasants.”
(We’ll take your money quickly, but don’t expect us to act responsibly, honor our promises, or even respond to your legitimate inquiries.)

The Other Tripod
After several months of doing without a small tripod due to the liar and the other unresponsive staff members at Werner Publishing, I recently received the Joby tripod as a present from my wife Lisa. She’s not a liar.

The Joby SLR-Zoom is pictured below, supporting my Nikon. The Joby works very well for my purpose: It is small, light, and due to the flexible legs, provides adequate support on uneven boulder surfaces. Since it is also relatively inexpensive, I will recommend it to anyone who asks about small tripods for their DSLR.